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Millions of children have never experienced preventive health care examinations. This is a major problem in many countries. Yet, even in developing countries with little budgets for public health, modern information technology has meanwhile entered many private households. We therefore utilized previous scientific internet approaches developed for early recognizing health problems, to establish a novel and free online service for children and their parents that can be used everywhere, i.e. even under difficult economic circumstances and in all places on earth where internet access is possible. The project is free, and financed by active and dedicated private sponsors. We very much hope to be able to further develop this tool, and to further spread this new and easy-to-do service for our children, and of course, we would be delighted to find new powerful professional partners for supporting our efforts.

How tall will your child be?

When do we first diagnose growth disorders?

When do we first diagnose growth disorders?

In 2000 and 2001 a survey was performed in Southern Germany to investigate at what age two common growth disorders are usually diagnosed. The diagnosis Growth Hormone Deficiency is found in approximately 1 child out of 4000; Turner’s Syndrome is found in approximately 1 child out of 2000. more

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