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Auxology - Studying Human Growth and Development

Michael Hermanussen

Physical growth and development - auxology - is of particular importance to all pediatricians. This book was published by 56 well known authors from 18 countries. It presents basics in auxology in 14 chapters, 283 figures and 89 tables including prenatale development, obesity and questions regarding puberty and endocrinoloty. Difficult issues, technical details and new mathematical models are presented in easily comprehensible language. The different ways of presenting range from the classic figure drawings and fotography to modern comics, and make this book a visual delight. Normal values are shown from the various European countries as well as from India, Japan, and the Americas.

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CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment Pediatrics,

William Hay

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How tall will your child be?

When do we first diagnose growth disorders?

When do we first diagnose growth disorders?

In 2000 and 2001 a survey was performed in Southern Germany to investigate at what age two common growth disorders are usually diagnosed. The diagnosis Growth Hormone Deficiency is found in approximately 1 child out of 4000; Turner’s Syndrome is found in approximately 1 child out of 2000. more

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