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With the help of parents can perform a cost-free preventive health care questionnaire for their newborns, babies, children and youngsters up to the age of 18. It is financially supported by the companies and businesses whose advertisements can be found on the site.

Mission statement

Childhealth24 wants to offer all families with children of the possibility of early recognition of developmental disorders via the internet, leading, if applicable, to early treatment by a pediatrician. The software of this website is the result of long-term scientific research into growth, weight and child development and the application thereof.

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Hermanussen and an international advisory board of medical doctors and scientists, would like to improve the quality of health checkups during childhood, with the aim of lowering the rate of illnesses or diseases that could have been recognized and successfully treated at an earlier date.

We believe that the utilization of this free internet-platform will have a positive effect on the health of children and also a positive impact on controlling the increasing cost of health and medical services.


Our short-term vision is to attract the widest possible usership of parents, children and adolescents and their pediatricians of this online health care program so that in the long term the use of becomes a matter of course.

Our international scientific advisory board

International scientists and specialist in the field of growth and child development are in consultation with the website,

  • Prof. Leslie Sue Lieberman, Orlando, Florida, USA

    is a Professor of Anthropology, Courtesy Professor of Medical Education and Director of the Women’s Research Center, University of Central Florida, specializing in biomedical and nutritional anthropology.

  • Prof. Matthew McIntyre, Orlando, Florida, USA

    is a statistician and epidemiologist.

  • Dr. Frank Rühli, Zurich, Switzerland

    is a medical doctor and anthropologist. His research deals among others with historical aspects of growth.

  • Prof. Jesus Angel F. Tresguerres, Madrid, Spain

    is an endocinologist. He has worked on growth and aging processes for many years and participated in the discovery of important basic information about short-term growth (within days) and the influence of glutamate on the satiation regulation in the brain.

We are independent and objective is an independent internet platform about health, based on scientific research and results. Our services are not influenced by any interests of business companies or other establishments. Naturally, there are expenses but they are financed by the companies that advertise on this site. This way you, dear visitor, can use free of charge. The advertisements of our partners are all clearly marked advertisement. We are not responsible for contents and links. Our partners are unable to influence any contents of this platform.


Is able to replace the existing preventive medical checkups during childhood?

NO. Our online checkup supports the pediatric medical ones but certainly cannot replace them! However, the answers to standard questions, summarized in the letter to the doctor, signal to your pediatrician to occupy him/herself more intensely with your child during the preventive examinations. The online test can serve as a precautionary tool before each actual medical checkup, or in between such checkups as a control mechanism for parents. In Germany, the online test is especially important in the long period of relatively little medical attention between late childhood and early adolescence.

What is the meaning of the traffic light colours?

You find the colours of the traffic light red-yellow-green all over the world, known to everybody. We are going to use them, too. Green means NORMAL. The answers on the questionnaire written on the green background show a child’s normal development. The green manikin (little man) is the signal for normal values in growth, weight and body mass index (BMI). Normal are all values that are found within a range where the values of 19 out of 20 healthy children and adolescents will also be found. Yellow means RISK or ATTENTION. The answers on the questionnaire written on a yellow background show a possible risk for your child’s development. The yellow manikin signalizes values that may still be considered normal but may indicate borderline cases. Red means STOP. Please contact your pediatrian if the answers on the questionnaire show a red background. The red manikin signalizes UNUSUAL. Answers on red backgrounds and red manikins are not synonymous with ILLNESS, but the situation should be discussed with your pediatrician.

How should I react when recommends a visit to the pediatrician/physician?

You should make an appointment with your pediatrician/physician as soon as possible and discuss the unusual results of the online checkup. Print out the letter to the doctor and show your pediatrician the results of your child’s online-testing written in it.

What kind of advantages do I have if I proceed with the password protected registration of my child in is the only existing online preventive checkup site that gives you the chance to observe over a long period of time the development of your child through repeated measurements of height and weight. These long-term observations are only possible if your child’s data are stored in a password-protected system. It is self-evident that we do not give the data to others or misuse it in anyway. You are the only person who can do something with the data. Like showing the results of your child’s online-checkup to your pediatrician/physician by printing “the letter to the doctor” and handing it over to them personally. This way, it is easier for the doctor to notice disturbances and unusual signs concerning your child that may have developed over a long period of time. For example, weight problems, growth disorders or other illnesses/diseases that can be recognized, diagnosed and treated at an early stage.

Why are so many business companies represented on your online platform in the form of advertisements? is a totally independent online platform concerning your child’s health and development. Our advertising partners make it possible for us to pay the expenses for running the website, for future investigations, for finding new aspects etc. This is done in cooperation with internationally known scientists, such as medical doctors, biologists, anthropologists, information scientists, computer experts etc. Thus advertising makes it possible for you to use this online checkup portal without any charge and also without any cost to the public health care system.

How tall will your child be?

When do we first diagnose growth disorders?

When do we first diagnose growth disorders?

In 2000 and 2001 a survey was performed in Southern Germany to investigate at what age two common growth disorders are usually diagnosed. The diagnosis Growth Hormone Deficiency is found in approximately 1 child out of 4000; Turner’s Syndrome is found in approximately 1 child out of 2000. more

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